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Why Photos Sell Businesses

Photos Sell Businesses

Maree McSweyn, March 2019 

People rely on imagery to share information, and educate themselves on topics that interest them. 

Future potential buyers will use images in much the same way, when viewing business for sale advertisements; they are able to get a ‘feel’ about the business, without solely relying on what is written in the text.

Images can change the mood and leave impressions much faster, and more accurately than words can.

In an instant, pictures can:

  • Build businesses credibility
  • Makes the advertisement interesting
  • Tell a story about the business. 

During the initial stages of the sales process, The Brokerage request for sellers provide photos of their business location, staff and products.  These images help create:

However, The Brokerage understand that not all budgets have room to allow the hiring of a professional photographer. These images are usually taken by the business owner, or their staff. 

Here are some tips on how to take great images, without the hefty price tag.

  • Preparation: Make sure the space being photographed is looking tidy, and free of clutter. This is especially important as you need to be aware of the background in the frame.
    For example, make sure there are no garbage bins or anything unappealing hiding in the shot. Don’t forget to ensure reflections of bystanders, equipment etc are not part of the photograph.
  • Timing: Prior to the day of taking photos, monitor the status of the light at various times throughout the day. Photographers often:
    •  take photos in the middle of the day, when the sun is at it’s best angle, to show off the natural light
    • capture the exterior of buildings at sunrise or sunset,because of the low light and colour in the sky
    • Turn on all interior lights, and turn the flash off when shooting inside. 
  • On Topic: Make sure that the photos taken highlight the features of the business.
    For example a shot of coffee cup or meal won’t add value to a photo gallery of a coffee shop.  Capture things like the coffee machine, the tables & chairs, the kitchen facilities as these are the elements that buyers will be interested in seeing. 
  • Quality: The best images to use, are those that are high resolution. Use the best quality camera/phone you can find, and provide your broker with a mix of landscape and portrait images in high resolution format. 

If the budget does allow, our brokers will be able to refer sellers to a photographer in your area.

If you are currently selling a business and want more advice, or are looking to sell you business and would like more advice…speak to your local broker today! 

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