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Little ME Coffee Maroubra & Waverley

Little Me Coffee

Little ME Coffee Maroubra & Waverley have recently sold  by The Brokerage Australia, Sydney South. 

It is an exciting time for Little ME, as these sales are part of the newest Little ME Master Franchise and the brand will now be expanding in Sydney’s South East under the new owner and Master Franchisor, Mitchell Thompson. Mitchell plans to franchise several locations over the next few years. Watch this space!

Little ME Coffee is a concept of coffee bars focusing on offering high quality specialty coffee products. The brainchild of ME Coffee Merchants founder, Veni Chorafitis, Little ME Coffee bars are small, but they feature the latest coffee equipment available and an extensive range of single origin coffee beans. From their beginnings as humble coffee carts, Little ME & ME Coffee Merchants are serving through little hole in the wall espresso bars, kiosks and cafes and building relationships that form deep into their local communities that make the daily coffee ritual an important part of life.

The unique and inspiring businesses located in Ramsgate and East Gardens were sold by The Brokerage Australia earlier this year. The Illawong location currently under contract, and newly opened ME Coffee South Point is currently on the market.​

For more information on the Little ME Franchise, ME Coffee Merchants Franchise or to discuss the possibility of franchising your business, contact our expert team of consultants today! 

If you are curious to know more about Master Franchises and how they work, read our Master Franchise post.

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