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Real Estate

The Brokerage Connection assists new buyers purchase their first investment property and seasoned investors who are looking to expand their portfolio.

We offer complete house and land packages to our clients in some of Australia's most sort after areas across Sydney, Regional NSW, Victoria and Queensland

The Process

House & Land Investment

Purchasing a new house and land packages takes away a lot of the stress that new construction can bring when completing the task yourself.

These home are built in great locations offering luxury with affordability in welcoming and vibrant communities where you will love to live.



Without experience or expertise, it’s hard to know where to invest or how to build a portfolio.

We want our clients to understand the benefits of property investing, and how it can help create financial flexibility and security for the future.

For a personalised approach, that will help you make smart investment decisions contact our team today for a free health check of your financial situation.



To ensure you make smart investment decisions, we undertake a full analysis of your situation and your potential.

Each client requires a unique approach, no cookie cutter solutions here!



The options can be overwhelming, but we can alleviate the stress.

We will recommend a location and package option that best suits your needs and desires, from our endorsed panel of property options.



Wealth building can take time, and it’s hard to do it alone. Our team will coordinate all the steps of your purchase, including the mortgage broker, conveyancers, solicitors, banks and quantity surveyors. Saving you time and stress, allowing you to keep enjoying life.

We have established relationships with HIA registered builders and developers around Australia, to provide a wide range of options to help you obtain an investment property and start your journey towards financial security and flexibility.



To ensure the ongoing maintenance and success of your rental property we will refer you with reputable Property Managers in the location of your property.

In addition, our consultants will help you build and hold a portfolio of quality properties over the long term. Maximise Wealth. Minimise Tax.

Clients Say


Why invest in real estate?

Generally speaking investing in real estate is a safe and easier process than being involved in the share market where it can be quite complex and time consuming, purchasing real estate you have something physical that you can see and touch to add value to. By doing your research and investing early in the right areas this will potentially allow financial flexibility in your later years in life by providing rental income or capital growth when the property is sold.

What is equity?

Simply speaking equity is how much your home or investment property is worth less how much you owe to the banks.  Along with your income, equity gives you borrowing power to look at creating wealth through building a property portfolio, purchasing a business or investing in shares.

What are the tax benefits of property investing?

Your loan will attract interest however when used for an investment the interest fees can be tax deductable along with other items such as insurance, water and council rates, strata fees and repairs and maintenance. 

Why use a broker for your investment loan?

Investment loans can be more complicated than residential mortgages. Brokers will help you choose the right loan that suits your needs and will gather all the necessary information to understand your borrowing power for your investment property and will ensure that the process of securing the loan is as smooth as possible.

What makes us different at The Brokerage Connection?

Building wealth for you family is important, because it provides security and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle, that you can pass onto your kids and grandkids. But you need the advice of professionals, so you minimise the risks, and maximise the benefits. The options for property investing can be a little overwhelming, not only can we help you secure your finances but also guide you through the process of building wealth with a property investment plan. We have done some of the hard work for you by researching high growth areas for maximum return providing you with various options based on your personalised investment plan.

Have more questions?  Get in touch with us.

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