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The Brokerage Connection guides sellers and buyers effortlessly through the process of selling their business. From preparing the business for sale, packaging the business, marketing right through to settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finance FAQs

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a loan specialist who has expert knowledge of the market and the various lending policies, they act as an intermediatory between their client and a wide range lenders. They are licensed under ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and mustn’t provide or recommend a product that is not suitable for their client.

Why should you use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker will spend time with you understanding your current needs and situation, looking at your financial information such as income, savings, investments, budget and credit rating to establish your borrowing power. Once this is established, they will then research and tailor a solution to best fit your needs. Once selected, they will manage the entire loan application from start to finish, understanding what the banks expect, they take away a lot of the stress in the loan application process making it a more enjoyable experience. 

Why can mortgage brokers get better rates?

In such a competitive market, the banks are competing with one another for your business. Using a broker, we look at all the banks, and select the best loan for your current situation. We then suggest up to 5 of the best options that meet all your requirements, for you to then have the final choice.

Does it cost to use a mortgage broker?

It doesn’t cost to use a mortgage broker, their job is to find you the best possible solution and often save you money by doing so, mortgage brokers receive fees or commissions from the lender.

The benefits of using The Brokerage Connection for your home loan needs?

Communication is key. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer experience from start to finish.  We promise to be transparent in the entire process, finding you the right products to suit your individual needs.

Business FAQs

What is a business broker?

A business broker is licensed much like a real estate agent, they either help you to either buy or sell a business, they will work with both the buyer and seller of the business and act as an intermediatory between both parties to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Why should you use a business broker?

Brokers are across all the legal requirements and necessary paperwork required to sell a business and will help business owners to prepare their business for sale, developing marketing plans, offers, contract exchanges, lease transfers, and final settlement of the business. The brokers will then assist in finding the right buyer in a series of steps saving the seller a lot of time if they were to try and do it themselves.  

Does it cost to use a business broker?

The brokers will negotiate a commission with the seller for their time and experience, much like a real estate agent if you were to sell your home.

When is the best time to buy or sell a business?

Buyers want to purchase a business when the business is doing well financially, on the other hand though sellers don’t necessary want to sell their business at this time and generally sell on a needs basis rather than trying to achieve the right price. Owners should always have an exit strategy and when starting to feel tired or disinterested this is the best time to talk to a broker about your exit strategy.

The benefits of using The Brokerage Connection for your business sale or purchase?

We promise to provide both our buyers and sellers a complete transparent process, we will guide the seller through a transition plan to exit the company successfully ensuring the buyer has full confidence in the acquisition.

Real Estate FAQs

Why invest in real estate?

Generally speaking investing in real estate is a safe and easier process than being involved in the share market where it can be quite complex and time consuming, purchasing real estate you have something physical that you can see and touch to add value to. By doing your research and investing early in the right areas this will potentially allow financial flexibility in your later years in life by providing rental income or capital growth when the property is sold.

What is equity?

Simply speaking equity is how much your home or investment property is worth less how much you owe to the banks.  Along with your income, equity gives you borrowing power to look at creating wealth through building a property portfolio, purchasing a business or investing in shares.

What are the tax benefits of property investing?

Your loan will attract interest however when used for an investment the interest fees can be tax deductable along with other items such as insurance, water and council rates, strata fees and repairs and maintenance. 

Why use a broker for your investment loan?

Investment loans can be more complicated than residential mortgages. Brokers will help you choose the right loan that suits your needs and will gather all the necessary information to understand your borrowing power for your investment property and will ensure that the process of securing the loan is as smooth as possible.

What makes us different at The Brokerage Connection?

Building wealth for you family is important, because it provides security and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle, that you can pass onto your kids and grandkids. But you need the advice of professionals, so you minimise the risks, and maximise the benefits. The options for property investing can be a little overwhelming, not only can we help you secure your finances but also guide you through the process of building wealth with a property investment plan. We have done some of the hard work for you by researching high growth areas for maximum return providing you with various options based on your personalised investment plan.

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