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Is Spring a good time to sell your business?

Is Spring a good time to sell your business

In the real estate world, Spring is the prime time to sell a house. Gardens are blooming, houses are warmer…things look great! We often get asked, if this is the same for businesses?

The right season depends on a huge variety of factors, including the business itself, its surroundings and the industry. Every business sale situation is unique, and the best purchase price is acquired when all the personal, business and industry factors align.

However, in the business broking industry, spring is a time we expect to see greater volumes of buyer enquiries.

We notice that buyers will look to finalise the purchase over these months so they can;

  • become accustomed to their new business before peak/busy periods occur
  • be fully operational so they can maximise higher profits generally seen over Christmas/Summer periods.

On average it can take around five to eight months to sell a business; considering time to prepare, market, qualify buyers and finally settle. The time is now to list your business, to take advantage of these buyer habits and ultimately achieve the best price. 

If you have been considering selling your business, have a friendly chat with one of our professional brokers to discuss your situation and find out more about the process.  

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